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After a successful month of testing, Radio  Bangla hit the airwaves on the 22nd of September in 2015, introducing the FM culture back to Bangladesh.  Radio Bangla is one of the first stations to obtain and make use of a new ordinance allowing broadcast radio to take off. Sabbir with Shotok as their first radio jockey, the station sought to provide quality music and entertainment through a media largely ignored throughout the satellite television boom.

Initially only able to be heard across Dhaka, Radio Bangla expanded aggressively, Now turn your phone into a Bangla radio & listen to it from any part of the world. It’s super easy! You can even listen to the radio and use another app at the same time.

While the radio station itself has expanded, but the aim hasn’t changed. Radio Bangla still plays a wide variety of music, ranging from golden classics to the latest song released from the top artists in Bangladesh, even mixing the hottest international tracks into the playlist. Through its network of friendly radio jockeys, constant audience interaction via text messages and special features allowing fans to get closer to their favorite stars, Radio Bangla has helped redefine the FM culture and has helped usher in a new way for music to be heard and for entertainment to be enjoyed.

As the saying goes, radio maanei Bangla! and Bangla’s shout out to everyone:

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